FUBA Coins is Always Looking to Buy:

FUBA Coins is always looking to buy Coins, Currency, Tokens, from the U.S., Canada, and all around the world.  Gold and silver coin values will depend on grade and/or current market value of the metals.  Coins with numismatic value will be graded and priced and best offers will be made on all items.  We also do appraisals for Estates.  We work with some of the area’s leading Estate attorney’s.   We have an office in Plainfield, IN 46168 that we meet clients at by appointment only or we will be happy to come to you.  Contact us at 317-837-5682 or to make an appointment.

Numismatic Value are broken down in to 3 categories:

  1. Common: Coins or currency that are easy to find and we come across them in almost every collection we buy.  We purchase them at bulk prices or for the value of the metal they are made of at the time.
  2. Semi-Key: Coins or currency that have a value greater than just a common coin, currency, or metal they are made of.  These items are graded and priced individually. 
  3. Key: These are coins that have a significant values over and above the face value or metals they are made of.  These too are graded and priced individually.

We purchase many items from other dealers and coin shops.  We pay about the same for Common items as they do.  The difference is we will pay you for your Semi-Key and Key date items the same as we would pay them, because we do not have the overhead they have.   

We also purchase collections through the mail.  We have bought 99.25% of everything that has been sent to us.  Please contact us before shipping any items so that we can give you our procedure. 

Please Note:  Any problem, culls, holes, tears, cleaned Coins or Currency will be discounted.

Any other question on prices, please call or email us at the addresses listed above.  Thanks for your consideration.