About Us

FUBA Coins operates out of Plainfield Indiana.  We do not have a shop, but we do have an office that we meet by appointment only.  We own the monthly 71st Street Coin & Currency Show here in Indy.  We also do 35+ shows each year in the Midwest.  We have been buying and selling coins since 1993.

Mission Statement

FUBA Coins fundamental mission is to remain responsive to its customers, exceed expectations in providing quality products and service along with competitive pricing.

Company Goals

FUBA Coins will;
- Strive for the highest degree of customer satisfaction
- Achieve its financial goals
- Continue to offer High Quality Products at competitive prices
- Continue to look for new products to introduce to the marketplace

- Buy at competitive and fair Numismatic prices 

Company History

FUBA Coins is a privately held company registered in the State of Indiana, USA with a product class of Retail Merchant. The company specializes in the sale and promotion of Numismatics, the buying and selling of coins. Starting out as a hobby and only doing a few shows a year, soon the business grew to where it now appears at more than forty shows a year all throughout the Midwest, and promoting 12 shows a year here in Indianapolis. Along with shows, the company has taken advantage of the Internet since 1999 with much success on eBay and this site.  FUBA Coins' primary focus is to gain our customers and supplier’s confidence as well as build an appropriate infrastructure to support the new business as it grows.


Mark W. Eberhardt, Owner

Mark W. Eberhardt conducts the affairs and management of company business.  He is responsible for purchasing, marketing, financing, website, eBay, shipping, and overall quality control.  Mark is a business professional with over 20 years of progressive managerial experience in distribution.

Mark is active in promoting the hobby by being a member of several local coin clubs, giving educational programs, and holding various board positions.  Honored Life Member #34 of the Old Fort Coin Club on 3/19/23.  Also owns and runs the monthly 71st Street Coin & Currency show in Indianapolis, Indiana since 2008.  

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Indiana University, majoring in Administrative Management, Marketing, and Advertising. Minoring in Computers, Accounting, and Entrepreneur Studies.

Amy L. Eberhardt, Owner

Amy is responsible for; accounts payable and receivable, sales, and scheduling shows.  She is the daughter of a Coin Dealer and has been active in the coin industry for many years, selling and handling numismatics.